Beef Boxes


The most cost effective way of buying your meat direct from the farm is by ordering a box (11.90€/kg).

A box is made up with a mix of different cuts of meat, from the prime filet, steaks, roasting joints, through to cuts that are best for slow cooking, casseroles and stews.

Your Box can be tailored to your needs, for example you would like us to include burgers or mince….no problem….just get in contact and ask us!

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Basic Beef Box 6kg

1kg Roast Beef Joint
1kg Entrecôte/Sirloin Steak
1kg Minute Steak
1kg Stewing Meat
1kg Slow roasting joint
1kg Beef Mince

Box 1 (7 - 8 kg)Box 2 (12 - 18 kg)Box 3 (24 - 36 kg)
Rosbif1kg2 kg4 kg
Filet-350 g500 g
Bifteck1,5 kg3 kg5 kg
Rumsteak-400 g700 g
Entrecôte1 kg2 kg5 kg
Bourguignon1,5 kg2,5 kg5 kg
Braisé500 g1,5 kg4 kg
Pot au Feu1,5 kg3 kg6 kg
Jarret500 g500 g1 kg

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Beef Box (6kg) 70€, Box 1 (7-8kg), Box 2 (12-18kg), Box 3 (24-36kg)


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